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Whether onstage performing original music or in the classroom helping the next generation develop their own musical intuition, Matt Zebley is always pushing himself to collaborate and inspire. Have a look at what respected members of the music community are saying about his impact on the San Francisco music scene.


Business Coach

“The best sonic experience in the Bay Area. Come be with friends and enjoy music that will blow you away and make you a better person.”


DVC English Professor

“Matt Zebley's Oversize Quartet is just the right size. The musicians had a synergy that was a perfect blend of talent and musicality. Matt's introductions to his original compositions brought us into his music in a very personal and inviting way - as he counted the group in we were with him heart and soul. It was a wonderful evening of storytelling only a well-matched group of musicians and a composer who writes from the heart can tell.”


Saxophonist and former student

“Matt Zebley is a true artist, who instead of playing notes for the sake of playing notes, uses sounds to tell stories and convey emotions. He shares his own experiences with the listener, who in turn can relate and even gain new insight. His musical expression helps the listener process their own emotions and provides them with a setting for release.”

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